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Collection: "Melting Paradise"

The monumental Biblical story of Adam and Eve in Paradise, has meaningful outcome that reflects on long journey of the Humanity. Cursed, expelled, but possessing the powerful ability to Categorize, Distinguish and Free Will to choose for right, or wrong.

Surprisingly, when All Mighty took away dwelling in paradise, immortal life, physical comfort, All Mighty left humanity with this extraordinary gift able to drive forward progress of the humanity all way along. And even more surprising when All Mighty left one part of the Human essence immortal, the Immortal Human Soul.

What is our Immortal Soul, what is left when we are gone forever?

Human brain creates electromagnetic waves from a varying current of the charged particles, ions, fired by neurons when we Categorize, Distinguish and Choose, our Thoughts, create extremely weak electromagnetic waves having very low frequency from 10 Hertz to 100 Hertz. Electromagnetic waves are streams of energy perpetually propagating through space and time.

MIT installed MEG scanner to study the function of the human brain able to measure, in close proximity, even the slightest variations in magnetic field component of electromagnetic waves induced by firing neurons, current from the processes in brain.

The MEG (Magnetoencephalography) lab is used by researchers in MIT in research fields as diverse as studying visual processing, language processing, etc.

From the moment we have self-awareness and to the moment of our last breath, our thoughts in form of continuous stream of electromagnetic waves escaping into surroundings. These waves continue perpetually propagate across the universe.

In fact, this extremely weak electromagnetic waves present expanding, weakening stream of energy which is “Immortal” by definition, energy cannot be destroyed. This stream become more and more weakened while traveling further away in space and time, immortal reminiscence of immortal soul.

Perhaps, there is a “Listener”, infinitely more sensitive than MEG, that can read this extremely weakened, extremely diluted, buried in noise, eternal stream of energy from nearly infinity away and pick up a specific wave from an infinitely many waves, buried in noise.

For such a” Listener” this is the unique reminiscence of immortal soul wondering throughout universe for eternity after a mortal body gone forever many millennia ago.

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