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Dr. David Shriftailik

Born in 1946. Study in Art college in Latvia Riga 1961 – 1966

Faculty of Architecture. State Polytechnic Institute of Riga 1966 – 1971.

Work on project “Dunes” Published in 1972 in Fine Art journal “Maksla” journal of Fine Arts in Latvia. 

Immigrated to Israel in 1974.

Since 1975 – 2005. 1975 Work as a Senior Teacher in Technion Israeli Institute of Technology, Faculty of Architecture. Classes of Basic Design, Classes Drawing, Painting, Workshop Graphic Expression.

Work on the thesis towards MSc since 1976 – 1979. Awarded in 1979

1977 -1979 Graphic design lectures and workshop in WIZO college.

Since 1979, Senior lecturer at Technion Faculty of Architecture, Courses of Architectural Design Student projects, Drawing classes, Morphology lectures, workshops. In parallel work in private studio since 1979 – 2005, Architectural design, Graphic Design.

Work on thesis towards degree of DCs in architecture 1980 – 1984, awarded in 1984, Post doctorate in California State University – Berkeley

1984 - 1986. Technion, Faculty of Architecture 1986 – 2005, courses: Architectural Design – student projects, Lectures and workshops in Structural Morphology, Lectures and workshops - Spatial Structures

Since 2005 – 2013 work on marine project in Singapore.

In 2014 founded ATIFACTOR studio for Fine Arts and Design which matured incorporated as ARTIFACTOR Ltd in 2018

Publications, CV's more to come...


We are in very beginning of our long journey we took upon us

Thousands of drawings, paintings, sculptures, kinematic artifacts, sketches and ideas accumulated throughout of a long carrier constitute

a meaningful collection to forge fine art legacy

ARTIFACTOR studio is a place for exploring avenues in visual arts addressing philosophical aspects related to creativity.

Understanding that exceptional, unique is a very rare substance appearing from a waste amount of overturned motherlode of thoughts ideas and work. Exceptional, Unique appears as a tiny grain of gold among gravel and sand in the pan of excited “prospector”.


Artwork is in essence a communicate that artist creates and releases to a wide public. In some this communicate resonates and sparks association bonds,

while some remain ignorant. Any poetic words of artist and knowledgeable descriptions of art critics, curators are redundant.


Artwork should advocate for itself by composition, color, line, shape, space light and strong decisive will of the artist to spark the association bond.

If you fill this association bond with the artwork, enjoy it. If you fill the resolve, motivation, desire, consciousness, self-determination, thought process of the artist altogether with the features mentioned above you know that your association has strong foundations.

The moment when this filling is shared by a large audience of intellectually diversified individuals makes artists artwork one of the kind. The essence of the moment when artwork pays dividend as the collectable asset.

We understand the “Contemporary” as a point in time rather that something related to style or momentous trends. All artworks are “Contemporary”, not all artworks survive the journey in time, some fade out while other remain “Contemporary” bearing the stamp of time. Reflection of the time in artist work is the essence of the term Contemporary.

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